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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Lace - Chapter 8 - Part 3

The Lace by Devilla Roche
Chapter 8 - Part 3

Robert and all the other girls trotted down the main hallway like some weird chain gang that was tied together by their perfumed odor. As he entered the cafeteria, he found it to be very much like a cafeteria, except the tables were all white painted with hearts, unicorns, and dolls. Even the wire chairs had the outline of a heart on its backing. Robert could see the natural progression to getting dinner - pick up a tray, place a the heart-shaped plate on it, grab your utensils, and a Strawberry Shortcake cup and move along. All liquids and food were ‘dished out’ by other ‘girls’ who had kitchen duty. Kitchen duty rotated. So in a few days, Robert would be handing out the food (among other kitchen tasks).

He watched as food was delivered to his plate. A bowl of sugar and a smaller bowl of spice was placed on his tray along with a vitamin, a cup of water, a cracker, and a cup of tea. Robert could not believe this was an actual dinner. He turned to Bimbo who was in front of him, “Are they serious? This is not food.”

“It most certainly is Cheri. Remember the saying, “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails, that's what little boys are made of.” What would you rather be eating sugar and spice or slugs and snails?” Bimbo asked in a serious tone.

“Yes but -”

Holly bent down, here huge breasts practically bouncing out of her top, and reprimanded Bimbo and Robert, “Shh!! Would you ladies be quiet. Do you want to get us all in trouble.” Holly glared at Robert and he knew that he was going to have to deal with her soon, if not now then later back in their room.

Holly led them to their table. Once there, one of the guards came over and cuffed each ankle of each girl to the legs of their chairs. When all the girls were in their seats and cuffed, one of the guards clapped their hands three times. Dinner had begun.

Robert looked at his heart-shaped plate and its contents. He quickly placed three spoonfuls of the sugar into his tea, but found that he would still need to eat many more teaspoons of sugar before he was finished. He hemmed and hawed at the bowl of spice with his until he had the courage to pick up some with his spoon. Robert sniffed the powdered spice with his nostrils, which drew attention by the girls of Room at an adjacent table. Holly gave him a piercing look and was clearly angry. He watched as she mouthed the words, “Eat it!” Robert responded knowing that he was in trouble and began to shovel the sweet spicy mixture into his mouth. He found that the powdered spices wasn’t too bad. Wincing more than a few times and shaking his head in disgust, Robert found it difficult to finish his meal, but he did. He gladly drank the tea and the cracker, finding it to be the most delicious part of the whole meal.

What most of the girls in the cafeteria did not know, including Richard, was that the food was laced with a small amount of female estrogen. Also, added to the sugar and spice were some special drugs that slowly would erase the memories of who he once was. Without those memories, Robert would eventually cease to exist. All he would have left is Cherri, his new female persona. For some, like Bimbo it worked so well that it could turn one into an air-headed bimbo.  Would this be Robert’s fate too?

Time would only tell.

Once dinner was finished, the guards inspected each girl to make sure that she finished her meal. Finished meals meant that they could be uncuffed and allowed to go back to their dormitory for the night. For those who did not finish, a forced feeding was in order. The guards could be quite rough during those forced feedings so it was best for a girl to finish her meal.

The girls were escorted back to their rooms in the dormitory. Once inside, the guards locked each door for the night. The main door to the schools hallway was locked with steel gate and a special padlock was used to lock all the girls away for the night.

Once inside Room C, Holly held court and began to deal with Robert.

~to be continued~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Than He Bargained For - Part 9

More Than He Bargained For by Devilla Roche
Part 9

By around five o’clock, his body stopped at the changing room, as if the computer program had run it’s course and was finished. The fur clad dominarix’s minions arrived and stripped him down and removed his uniform. It was feeding time and was brought to his feeding room and placed in his special chair. He dread the event that was about to take place but did not utter a single moan. The inflatable rubber gag was deflated and replaced with the familiar ring gag. He looked on as the padding was put into place and the chair tightened around him making him immobile again. The minions went through their dance and took full advantage of Oliver’s mouth and came inside of it, one after the other.

The minions had been instructed to feed Oliver something else. They wheeled over an IV stand and attached an IV bag. A tube with a small pump was strapped to his mouth. After turning the pump, the aqueous liquid began to slowly squirt into his mouth. It was sweet and sugary so the taste was rather good. In order to keep up Oliver’s strength and energy, the fur clad dominatrix wanted to make sure he was getting all of his mineral and vitamins. Oliver drank up what was in the first bag, then was given a second IV bag for good measure.

Like before, a shot was administered in his arm, which was the same sedative and muscle relaxants. He was removed from the chair, and was brought to the bathroom as per usual. Oliver was then taken into his bedroom and placed in his special pajamas with his ring gag on and his anal plug up his ass. Once he was dressed, Oliver stood there in the mink jump suit, thumbless mittens, and hood. Then he was placed in his 6” thick foam rubber suit, the sable mitten-less sable jump suit, and then another 6” thick foam rubber suit. Then came the special black PVC suit. He was then placed in the canvass straight jacket / pants / hood followed by the buckles and padlocks. Now in his mummified state, Oliver was hoisted up to his metal bed and the wide straps were put into place. Now he was suspended in mid-air as he was the last time.

At this point, Oliver was feeling very groggy and was ready to go to sleep. As one of the minions placed the tube in his mouth, the fur clad dominatrix entered his bedroom.

As usual, she was striking in a long fur coat made from lynx. Underneath the coat, she wore only a bikini, which was made entirely from silver fur fox. Her 6” stilettos were covered in a gorgeous sapphire mink. The fur clad dominatrix waltzed right into the room and addressed Oliver.

“Olivia sweety, you did such a wonderful job today as my maid doll,” she said, then continued, “You have earned some rest time and with the sedative inside of you I’m going to see to it that you sleep for a good long while.”

Then the fur clad dominatrix paused.

“Such the plans I have for you Olivia when you wake up,” she said with an air of mystery.  She placed some white foam rubber in his mouth, again to soak up all the saliva in his mouth. Then she shut the zippers over his eyes and like the last time, his world went dark. “Nighty night my dear.”

With that she flicked the pink colored switch just like the last time. And again, from the ceiling and the floor descended and rose the boxes wrapped in red fox fur. The two boxes met where Oliver lay suspended upside down, and like before, the fur boxes was were now in compression and sealed Oliver’s body completely inside.

The fur clad dominatrix turned out the lights, closed the door, and locked it behind her. Oliver was again suspended in a deep sleep. Just like the last time, he wouldn’t be awake until another 36 hours.

~to be continued~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Lace - Chapter 8 - Part 2

The Lace by Devilla Roche
Chapter 8 - Part 2

Holly had been at The Lace Academy for over two years now. They were going to graduate her, but there was a need to keep certain girls in the school forever. Like everything at The Lace, there was a hierarchy and a need to have sissy girls serve within that hierarchy, at any level and in any job. Some girls would become maids, while others would become guards. There was always a need for experienced girls at the academy. Holly’s persona was a good fit, so Ms. Genevieve kept her here to serve as a mentor to any of the new girls that came to the academy.

Being here as long as she was, the time had come to begin Holly on her transformation. She had been on both a hormone and gene therapy for well over a year now. The hormone pills were taken daily while the genetic therapy came in the form of a needle once a week. Holly came along fine, now having a healthy pair of breasts which were perfect in every way, shape, and form. Her body held its hourglass figure without the need of a corset. The therapy had shrunk her penis down to almost nothing and two months ago she had her sexual reassignment surgery. Holly was one of the lucky few to have a fully functioning pussy.

As usual, Mistress Hadara had customized a truly gorgeous woman in Holly. She was tall, slender, had massive tits and was quite beautiful. Not an imperfection could be seen throughout her manufactured body. Holly was the epitome of what it meant to be a woman and she wore it like a badge of honor.

Bimbo and Tammi were both at The Lace Academy for a few months. They were sissy-girls, but plans were in the works for both of them, especially the redheaded Bimbo, who would ultimately be experimented upon and have drastic changes to her upper body, hips, and derriere. (Bimbo would have the biggest breasts, the largest ass with hips to match. The question remained, how would she serve The Lace best?) Tammi, was a brunette, who had a great shape in her own right, was on the short side, and could be mistaken for a woman (depending upon the light and which side she was viewed on.

Both Tammi and Bimbo were fairly attractive for sissy-girls. They had long, healthy hair. They kept their facial and body hair at bay. Both girls had been their long enough that the beauty products that they wore did wonders for their skin. Tammi and Bimbo wore a healthy pair of breast forms, but their makeup job made it difficult to discern them from a real pair of tits. Tammi excelled at her studies, but Bimbo still needed a lot of help. They were good at heart and they deferred to Holly on all matters as it pertained to school life, especially in the dormitory.

Now it was Robert’s turn to be controlled whether he liked it or not.

Clapping Holly’s hands she directed Tammi and Bimbo, “Okay ladies, we need to get ourselves ready for dinner. Why don’t you help Cherri since she is the new girl, Bimbo? Oh, and make sure she has a purse with all of her makeup. Oh, and Tammi help her get washed and help Cherri with her face.”

Robert found himself being whisked away and in the bathroom. Tammi washed his hands and then she went to work on his face. She plucked an eyebrow here, reapplied some eyeliner there, and then redid his lips. (The kiss from Ms. April wore away most of the lipstick that was originally applied.)  He wanted to resist, but did not want to hurt Tammi’s feelings. Besides, she was doing such a great job.

Bimbo, made her way into the bathroom with a small pink purse. “Here’s your purse, Cherri. Oooh, I just love that name.” With that Bimbo giggled and gave Robert a peck on the cheek.

“Would you stop that Bim. I just got through with her,” Tammi cried out. She then had Robert face her and then corrected any blemish left by Bimbos lips.”

Robert was taken aback by Bimbo’s kiss, and had to think if he enjoyed it or not. He suspected that Bimbo and Tammi were like him. He was not so sure with Holly since she was so gorgeous.

“Come on ladies!” shouted Holly. “I would like to eat on time!”

Tammi and Robert reappeared from the bathroom. Robert clumsily moved along, not ever having had to wear heels before.

“Okay ladies line up, inspection time. We do not want to have detention do we?” Holly directed and questioned the girls, including Robert. Holly place her hand on Robert’s right shoulder, “Now Cherri, this is all new to you, but we are inspected by Ms. Genevieve and the other teachers whenever we are in a public setting, such as the cafeteria. I can help you from getting detention. If you do as I say then you will be fine, understand?”

Robert got a bad feeling about Holly. She was the one in charge. He had a clear resentment for her, but did not show it yet. He knew that he had to get a feel for this place; get acclimated to how things were done around here. Robert decided to be low key and just went with the flow. “I understand.”

“Good.” Holly replied with a disingenuous smile.

Robert looked on as Holly made sure that everyone had their jacket or sweater on. She tucked in Bimbo’s shirt, straightened out a pleat on Tammi’s skirt, and pulled up Robert’s stockings. She broke out a lint brush and went to town with it on herself as well as all three girls.

“We are now ready,” Holly stated firmly. “Let’s go.”

Tammi and Bimbo followed Holly and Robert clumsily brought up the rear as he walked. Once out in the narrow hallway of the dormitory, all the girls from the other rooms lined up. Robert couldn’t tell, but their had to be eight or nine pairs of girls of four from each room. The hallway filled up quickly with seemingly pretty girls in their school uniforms.

Suddenly, the first bell went off. It was loud and the sound was piercing.  The door opened and a very beautiful brunette with flowing locks of long hair and a sizable rack stood in the door way wearing a tight blue strapless top. Her nipples could be seen from even where Robert was standing. She wore a matching skirt that was high enough to rival the uniform that all the girls were wearing sissy-girl or otherwise. The woman in the blue dress clapped her hands once and the girls from Room A started to march out of the door.  As each girl passed, the woman did a foot to head inspection without batting an eye. Girls were not typically singled aloud for any deficiencies. Rather, a slip of paper would be handed to each girl as they walked by.

Robert looked on as the woman in the blue outfit gave a slip of paper to a young lady from Room B that simply said, “STOCKINGS.” This meant that the girls stockings needed fixing. As Room C, led by Holly, passed the woman she glared at Robert. The woman in the blue outfit was well aware that Robert was a ‘newbie’ to the Academy. Robert got the message from her. He was being watched. It made him tremble in fear knowing that some terrible punishment lay at the hands of this woman. He would do almost anything to keep such an event from happening to himself. This placed him in a compromising position as he knew that that meant that he would need to follow Holly’s orders. His having to rely on her to keep him out of trouble gave his stomach an uneasy feeling.

~to be continued~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Than He Bargained For - Part 8

More Than He Bargained For by Devilla Roche
Part 8

As per usual, Oliver was given a bath, allowed to use the toilet, which now had made him think oddly of this inanimate object as he was still processing him being used as one. There was a part of him that was intrigued by the whole thing and a part of himself the was disgusted with the idea.

This time the minions kept him naked and brought him to a highly specialized room. This room had light pink fur on the walls and a hot pink fur on the floor. It had all the makings of a changing room. The three large dressing mirrors, with a box on the floor to step up on. What really caught Oliver’s attention were the racks of dresses and shoes. All of them were adorned in different types of fur, different colors different styles. There were maids dresses, there were Alice in Wonderland dresses, there were Lolita doll dresses, porcelain doll dresses, Raggedy Ann doll dresses, and even China doll outfits. No doll collection would be without Barbie doll outfits.

It was overtly apparent that this was the fallout from his behavior, “But could she really transform him into a doll?” he thought to himself.

The fur clad dominatrix entered the room wearing a sexy brown slacks made from sable and a wonderful white blouse made entirely of rabbit. Her three inch pumps were lined with a darker, red fox fur and were to die for.

“Well, Oliver I was thinking to myself that maybe my approach was wrong. Maybe being a pet is not for you. As you can see I have had dolls before, but I have not had one in a while. Maybe you would be better suited as a doll. Once dressed, I can play with you how I see fit. It is fun to be a doll and as you will see, I have even greater control over you, but have little need to punish you. Mistakes just don’t happen when one is a doll.”

This was good news to Oliver, no punishments sounded good to him.

“Now I would love to make you into a China doll or even a Barbie doll, but those will need to be earned. So instead I will make you into a maid doll. I will have such fun making you clean my house,” the fur clad dominatrix said with pure glee.

“First things first, we need to deal with your mouth first,” the fur clad dominatrix spoke with a sense of urgency. Out of a draw, she pulled out an inflatable gag. “Now open wide.”

Oliver was very compliant with her orders and opened his mouth wide. She placed the oblong rubber piece in his mouth and from it was a tube with a hand pump. As she squeezed the pump a few times, the rubber piece expanded in his mouth. A few more times and he could feel the rubber against the inside of his cheeks. The taste of rubber was pungent. A few more squeezes and he felt it expand towards the back of his throat. The fur clad dominatrix pulled the tube out of a small vale in the rubber and a tiny pin popped up which kept the rubber piece fully inflated. Oliver could not move his jaw and it was impossible for him to speak.

“Good then.” Now she turned her attention to his uniform. “Now why don’t we start by getting you in a corset,” the fur clad dominatrix stated as if she were on a hunt to find something important. Skillfully, she found a white fox, over-the-chest corset, which included breast inserts that matched were sized GG. She and her minions went to work on stringing and tying it together. They had Oliver breath out and he could feel the fur garment cinch his waist in an excessive manner. When done, his posture was unveliveably straight and it made him feel a few inches taller. Of course, this was counteracted by the 18 pound breast inserts and he was oddly in a state of equillibrium. Oliver’s breathing was quite constricted by the corset. A clear reminder that he was under tight control by his now mistress.

Next she brought out an odd device. It was plastic and clear and she presented it to him.

“You will be chaste. This will keep you from ever touching yourself down there unless with my permission. I will hold the key, and even my minions will be kept from touching you down there.”  The fur clad mistress placed the device over his cock and placed the small metal padlock on it and with a ~click~ it was put away until further permission was granted. Again, greater control. She then snapped the corset below his crotch, which hid his cock and balls and acted like a pair of panties.

Next, she picked up a black mink stockings and slid them up Oliver’s legs. The feel of the mink was so soft and he began to get hard, but found his cock fighting against the cage that it was now in. The stockings went all the way up to Oliver’s belly, covering up all of his legs, hips, and derriere.

“This is a petticoat. It is made out of 100% chinchilla. It will help to keep the skirt of your dress nicely flared out,” said the fur clad dominatrix. He watched as she placed it around his waist. Once on she directed Oliver, “Twirl around for me.”

Without hesitation, Oliver twirled and he watched as the petticoat flared upwards. I made him feel so girlish, and although that should have emabarrassed him somehow, it instead made him feel good.

Now the fur clad dominatrix picked up the maid’s dress. It was made from the same mink as the stockings were made out of. Due to Oliver being corsetted, the garmented feel perfectly onto his body. He was zipped up in the back.

The fur clad dominatrix picked up a very special hood. The mouthless hood was also made from the soft, mink material that the dress and the stockings were made from. Connected to the hood was what could only be described as a bunch of very thick strap-like extensions that came out of the head area. They were made out of that beautiful brown sable and were meant to mimic a head of hair. Already connected to the ear-like projections were round disks made of the white fox fur, and were meant to be pearl earrings.

Once it was on Oliver’s head, a zipper connected the dress to the hood. In the back, a padlock was placed to connect this neck zipper to the zipper on the back. ~click~

A pair of chinchilla thumbless mittens were placed on his hands. They too were zippered to the part of the dress around his arms. Again was that ~click~ and a ~click~ as another two padlocks made sure that Oliver had no way of ever removing them from his hands.

The next item was a white fox choker. It was wide and went around Oliver’s neck. In the middle was the likeness of a flower, made of the same fox fur.

Oliver’s uniform was finished off with a chinchilla apron and matching maid’s cap.

Along the way, the fur clad dominatrix made special connections between all of the articles of clothing from Oliver’s hood down to his stockings. A contolling mechanism with bluetooth technology was wired into the corset. This would be the means by which she would control her beloved maid doll.

The last item were the mink covered 12” ballet shoes. Oliver, who was 5’7” was now propped up another foot higher. When she stood him up, he could not believe how tall he really was.

The fur clad dominatrix looked at him coyly but spoke aloud as if he were suddenly a thing and no longer a person at all, “What a lovely doll I now have. Quite beautiful, I must say and what a feminine doll I have.” She touched Oliver’s dress and felt its softness and then fluffed up his petticoat just so. “I think I shall name my new doll. Hmmm, I think Olivia is a pretty name. Olivia the maid.”

Oliver watched as the fur clad dominatrix took out her smart phone.

She looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. “Technology is so wonderful Olivia. The things you can do are just astounding, wouldn’t you agree?”

Oliver shook his head yes.

“Take for example the clothes that your wearing. At first glance it is a maid’s uniform. But, upon closer inspection it a cacophony of luxuriant fur worth tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, that might be enough to satisfy a person’s curiosity. I would say it is a highly engineered, highly technical device used for locomotion,” she said knowing full well that he had no idea what to expect based on her cryptic description regarding the clothes that she forced him to wear.

Oliver stared blankly at the fur clad dominatrix in a very obtuse manner.

Plugging in a codes with the touch of her fingers, there was a moment of stillness and then...

Oliver’s body began to move uncontrolllably. It went into action on its own. He tried to stop his body from moving, but he could not. It seemed to have a mind of his own. In a robotic manner he moved on those ballet shoes as if he were walking on air. “How could this be?”

The fur clad dominatrix looked on and followed him as he made his way into the hallway. His arm moved out and went into a hall closet. His thumbless mittened hand reached up for a feather duster and somehow it curled his and he grabbed it. This was just so odd, being controlled by his mistress like this. How is it his own body can betray him in this manner?

Oliver’s body was fulfilling the routine that the computer program had run via his mistress’ smartphone. The program had him dusting every room on the second floor, then he vacuumed, then he remade all of the beds and took down all of the soiled sheets and blankets downstairs, he placed them in the washer then the dryer and folded them and the brought all of the clean sheets and blankets and tucked them away in the closet. His body then he straightened things out on tables on the upstairs level and the downstairs level.

The fur clad dominatrix watched Oliver working at the beginning. With a grand smile she was as pleased as punch. She then left him alone and went off to do other things.

As the day wore on, Oliver began to feel comfortable in this new role. He was delighted that his body was moving and he was getting some exercise from all of the maid’s work. He also had a chance to reflect about his perpetual restriction of not being able to speak. He thought about all the talking he did at work, the arguing and realized how overrated speaking was. How it can make you crazy at times and that it can be responsible for much of the stress in one’s life. Now he knew what it must be like to be a monk, committed to a religious order, and taking a vow of silence. In a weird way, he was living a sort of twisted monastic life committed to a mistress that was helping him to fulfill some sort of destiny.

“Who was profitting the most from his fulfilling some sort of destiny? Was it this mistress or him? And, did it matter?” he thought to himself. He was now her living breathing maid doll and she was his caregiver, his everything.
~to be continued~

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Lace - Chapter 8 - Part 1

The Lace by Devilla Roche
Chapter 8 - Part 1

Placing Robert back in the wheelchair, Sassi and Staci escorted him to Ms. Genevieve’s office. It was nearly five o’clock in the evening. Unlike Mistress Hadara’s office, Ms. Genevieve’s office was not as highly adorned with expensive wall paneling and chandeliers.  No, her office was reminiscent of a principals office from middle or high school. The walls were gray, the office furniture was plain and the chairs did not have any cushions on them.

As they entered, Ms. Genevieve was busy scribbling in a black and white composition notebook. She had a pile of papers on her desk and their were various textbooks that were all colored in pink, purple, or red. Robert tried to read some of the titles, “Cooking 101,” “The New You,” “Deportment for School Girls and Maids,” and “Fellatio For Beginners (And Other Positions That Will Please Your Master).” His eyes lit up on the last book hoping he would never have to do what he thought they could make him do.

Ms. Genevieve finally looked up from her work and got a gander at Robert. “My, my do we not look so sweet and precious. Well, I knew Ms. April would do wonders for you my dear, but she went out and outdid herself with you,” remarked Ms. Genevieve. “Now, get up and give me a twirl.”

Robert pointed to himself as if to say, “Me??”

“Yes, Cheri you. Get up and twirl around, but make sure you don’t fall over. I know those heels are new to you. We don’t want to have an accident the first day that your here at the academy,” Ms Genevieve said.

Robert stood up as Ms. Genevieve came from behind her desk.  With some trepidation, Robert did a slow twirl and felt his short skirt rise to show the gaff he wore underneath. Embarrassed to a deep red, he pushed the skirt down as quickly as it came up.

“So pretty and precious, my, my,” Ms. Genevieve said in a cheerful tone. “Your going to do well here, do not worry yourself.”

Ms. Genevieve looked up at the guards. “Take Cheri to Room 17C. Holly, Tammi, and Bimbo, are in that room. Cheri will take the bunk available above Bimbo. Ladies, see to it that our little sweet Cherri gets settled in and introduce her to her new roommates.” Then she addressed Robert. “Dinner is at six o’clock. Listen for the bells and be on time. We will go over the rules tomorrow. I will give you some good advice. Your new roommates will only be as helpful as you are respectful to them. Do as they say and you will excel.  Not heeding my advice and you will find yourself in detention with me.”

With a wave of her hand Sassi and Staci, rolled Robert out of Ms. Genevieve’s office and back into the main hall.

Rolling along, and down another hall, the numbers went higher, 13, 14, 15, until finally the guards stop at Room 17. Sassi opens the door, which unlike the other doors, has no glass at the top. It is solid wood and very thick, as if it was meant to keep something or someone in or from someone getting out. Staci  pushes Robert into a foyer, which has that ubiquitous light pink for walls; the floors are carpeted in a hot pink and the place is dripping with everything female or female-like. They continue down a narrow corridor, with each door, painted red, now having a letter on it. When they arrive at ‘C’ Sassi opens the door.

A blond opens the door. It is Holly. She looks at the guards then drifts her eyes down to Robert. He becomes uncomfortable already. Her look makes him think that he has been brought into the lion’s den. He doesn’t know what to expect from her.

In a sarcastic tone Holly yells out, “Great ladies, a new girl!”

Bimbo, with her dark reddish hair up in two ponytails, comes running and looks down at Robert. Treating him like he is a stuffed animal, she says in a high pitched voice, “Aw, she’s so cute and new.” Bimbo, giggles, then reaches out and grabs Robert’s arms and helps him out of the wheel chair. “Why don’t ya come in whatever your name is?” She continues to giggle.

“My name is Robert-” suddenly caught off guard, Robert feels a billy-club go into his back like a knife. Staci stands there, pushing it into his back harder. The reminder of being this new female persona was never far away. “I meant my name is Cheri.”

Waving her hand and giggling, Bimbo said, “Oh, I’m just never good with names anyway. I’ll probably forget it in a little while. I can barely remember my own name.” Giggles, “Oh, it’s Bimbo by the way.” She helps him into the dorm room where Robert will call home for a while.

Sassi speaks to Holly with a serious tone, “Your in charge. Ms. Genevieve does not need to remind you that if you wish to be in good standing with her, you’ll make sure that Cheri gets up to speed around here.”

“What about in my room? Is it still my room?” Holly asked in a desperate tone.

“For now yes,” Sassi said.

“Then she follows my rules in here, right?” Holly asked.

“Of course, whatever you want to do to her. In there she’s yours,” replied Sassi.

“And, no interference?” Holly asked her follow up question.

“None, as a matter of fact,” Sassi started, “you keep doing some favors for us and we’ll help you in any way you want.” Sassi blinked with one eye at Holly.

“Good,” with that, Holly closed the door. She looked back at her prey, that being Robert.   Tammi had been a pushover and Bimbo was a joke. Holly was looking for a challenge and in Robert she was hoping for one, very soon.

~to be continued~

Author / Blogger's / Editor's Note: More Than He Bargained For is no longer a short story, so I have decided to alternated between the two stories by way of chapter or parts of a chapter.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Than He Bargained For - Part 7

More Than He Bargained For by Devilla Roche

Part 7

When Oliver opened his eyes, he was in a bit of a stupor. “Was he dreaming? Where was he?” he thought to himself. Then he recollected being fed and how degrading and humiliating it was to be forced to suck the cocks of three transgendered goons. He thought they were women. What a shock that they had been chicks with dicks. Oliver then recalled his bath, the toilet, and then being wrapped incessantly in layers of fur and foam rubber. Being suspended in ‘his bed’ was a foggier recollection, as if it were a dream.

Oliver realized that the only muscle that he could move was his eyes. He felt this odd thing in his mouth but could not move his jaw shut. He knew it was being kept open. Even odder was the fact that the temperature around him was quite comfortable. Is it possible that he was in an air conditioned room. (Little did he know was that the room was refrigerated and was being kept at a cool minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit.)

It seemed like an hour or two went by and suddenly he heard some motor cranking. The seal from the two fur boxes broke and each one descended and ascended back into the floor and ceiling respecitvely.

The fur clad woman had walked in and stood below Oliver in his bed. She unzipped the areas around his eyes so that he could see again and removed the tube from his mouth. She placed some white foam rubber in his mouth. It helped to soak up all the saliva that accumulated in his mouth, but made it a little difficult or him to breathe.

Although he had some hard feelings against the fur clad dominatrix for this over-the-top treatment, having him degraded by herself and through her minions, he did enjoy being in her presence. She was beautiful and glowing. She had those enormous breasts that he was looking at right now. She stood there in her long sable fur robe and her marabou slippers. This time she had the added support of the mink corset that did wonders for her never ending line of cleavage.

Oliver assumed from her outfit that it must be morning. Last he remembered, it was the afternoon. “How long had he slept?” he thought to himself.

“Good morning sleepyhead. My didn’t we have a nice long nap. I’m sure that your refreshed after such a nap as yours. My minions will be in to retrieve you in a moment, but first we must broach a subject that troubles me,” she said to him.

“What, what had troubled her!” Oliver thought to himself.

“I was told by one of my minions that you gave a bit a fit yesterday,” she said.

“Do you blame me?? How would you feel? I couldn’t help myself. Please have mercy on me,” was a string of thoughts and questions that ran through Oliver’s head.

“When you are fed, you are to accept your food and not balk in any way shape or form, understand? noted the fur clad dominatrix.

Oliver could sense how upset she was. The question was, how would she punish him. Even in his suspended state he trembled at the thought.

“You will need to be punished as I cannot let this kind of behavior stand. Above all else, you must learn through these mistakes,” she said as judge and jury. Then she continued, “But if you continue to make mistakes such as these I will see it as a sign of disrespect and you will find yourself immobilized and in a constant constricted state. Rather than be my pet, you will be sanctioned to the dungeon below this house and you will never see the light of day.”

As Oliver heard this, a tear dropped from his right eye onto her chest.

“I realize this is difficult for you, but in my world this is for your own good,” she said with a tone of compassion in her voice. Of course that compassion was fleeting and would go away.  The fur clad mistress brought her minions in and they removed all of the straps and lowered Oliver gently to the floor. They stripped him of all of the layers that ensconced his body. Naked, he was brought to a nearby bathroom. A toilet was missing from the bathroom. Next to the sink, where a toilet would be was an odd contraption of bars and clamps. Oliver’s body was contorted and made to be fit inside of this contraption, his head place upwards and only about two feet high off the ground. his mouth was still forced open by the ring gag and the now soaked foam rubber was removed from his mouth. Once again he was immobile.

One of the minions grabbed a toilet seat and snapped it into the bars at the top. Oliver’s eyes widened at the fact that he was now a human toilet! He feared at what would happen next. The minions departed and the fur clad dominatrix entered the bathroom. She removed her robe and unsnapped the corset from under her crotch. She took a seat on her human toilet and pushed her pussy in the direction of Oliver’s mouth. He was in a state of panic and for a moment enjoyed the aroma that wafted from her vagina to his nose.

Without warning, she let it go and a stream of pee went from her vaginal opening to Oliver’s mouth. The acrid taste made him want to puke. As the pee continued and his mouth filled up with the liquid, he had no choice but to swallow. When she was done, she wiped herself and inserted the tissue into Oliver’s mouth.

The fur clad dominatrix stood up, buttoned up her corset, and put her robe back on. She looked down at Oliver exerting her total dominance over him. “There, that will teach you to accept what is given to you.”

The sound of her click-clacking heels rang out aloud as she turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

~to be continued~

The Lace will return after this short story ends...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Than He Bargained For - Part 6

More Than He Bargained For by Devilla Roche
Part 6

The fur clad dominatrix decided that after breakfast it was time for Oliver’s walk. She had one of her minions place a black mink collar around his neck which was quite the contrast to his blue fox jump suit and hood. The mink covered the metal chain, which led to a mink covered strap that was placed in her hand. The fur clad dominatrix let her fur robe open up as she stood up and it revealed the fact that she wore nothing else underneath. He physically responded to this in the lowest of moans as he looked up at the hugeness of her chest and stole a glance at her pussy, which only had a narrow line of blond pubic hair above it. This of course made him hard, which he knew could make things difficult as he walked.

“Come on Ollie, let’s go,” said the fur clad dominatrix in a very sprite tone. She pulled on his collar and he felt his neck jerk forward. That made him move forward.

Walking on one’s hands and knees is difficult enough, but it was also so embarrassing. He knew that it was her continued treatment of him to be submissive to her at all times. What was also quite humiliating (other than how he looked) was the clear reminder of the anal plug as his hip swayed back and forth as he walked. Of course his movements were limited and slow due to all of the sable filling that was blown into his jump suit.

The fur clad dominatrix decided to give him a tour of the house, which again was impressive. No wonder why she could do what she did to him, she was insanely wealthy. Each room was so impressive, and again the fur everywhere, in every room. There were certain rooms where doors were closed or locked or both and were off limits to Oliver. The rest of the house was for his use to roam around, assuming he would someday have that privilege.

“For now, you will spend your time indoors Oliver, the fur clad dominatrix stated aloud as she was looking out one of the living room windows. “It will take months before I can trust having you outside in the yard. Besides, I prefer you indoors. You’ll understand that some of my decisions are for the best.”

Oliver looked out of the window at the mid-morning sun and at that moment really felt truly imprisoned by the fur clad dominatrix. He would be here for a “good long time” as she had said to him last night regarding his treatment by her. “Did this mean forever?” he thought to himself.

The anal plug was always there to torture him, but he was amazed that his hands were quite comfortable in the thumbless mittens. He realized that it was the sable filling in his jump suit that was aiding in his comfort. “Thank goodness for small favors, “ he thought to himself.

Finally, after going up the staircase to the second floor and meandering through all of the bedrooms and bathrooms of the house, the settled upon the fur clad dominatrix’s suite. She of course had the room with the most fur. If his jaw could drop it would have. Fur everywhere, floors, ceilings walls and draperies. The bed was flooded with fur. The doors to closets and other adjacent areas were in fur. In it’s rich splendor, the fur was immaculate and kept clean. Oliver could not believe a place like this could even exist.

Once inside, the fur clad dominatrix knotted Oliver’s fur chain to a doorknob, next to a fur covered couch, keeping him on a short lease like a dog. She double-knotted it as a precaution. With his thumbless mittens she knew that it would be nearly impossible for him to break free. She also had much comfort in her words to him at breakfast regarding the consequences of escaping.

“You be a good boy and sit up in your kneeling position,” the fur clad dominatrix instructed him in her need to have him be fully obedient to her. “I will be right back.”

Oliver could hear the shower running and sat there. His back was erect for the first five minutes but then slumped back, his rump  landing on his calves. In order to pass the time he swished his thumbless mittened hands back and forth along the fur carpeting, staring at the streaks he made then erasing them. He had to occupy himself at times and keep from being totally bored.

About a half an hour later, the fur clad dominatrix came out, this time fully naked with only a white velour towel holding up her very, long hair. If he had a tail it would wag back and forth as Oliver sat there in awe of her magnificent body. His cock had a full erection now and was excited to see her.

The fur clad dominatrix had in her hands some garments that were made of fur. He thought, did she ever wear anything else? She placed the garments on her bed and turned to Oliver. Placing her hands at her sides he sensed trouble. “What had he done wrong?” he thought to himself.

“I leave you for one minute and everything falls a part, is that it?? She asked, with the drone of grave concern in her voice.”

“Nnnnn! Nnnnn!” he said, which clearly translated into a muffled, “No! No!”

“Well then you had better straighten that back of yours mister!” she exclaimed aloud.

As the words left her mouth he immediately sprang to an upright kneeling position.

“That’s more like it. Just because I leave a room does not mean you get to slack off mister, understand?”

Oliver shook his head in an up and down motion as if to say, “Yes.”

“As I said before, you will learn Ollie. You will learn,” she stated aloud.

He sat there and watched the fur clad dominatrix do her hair and put on all of her makeup at her cosmetic table. She then moved on to getting dressed. The fur clad dominatrix put on what he assumed was a white fox fur bra. She did the same with her panties. Then she draped a gorgeous short haired black mink dress that came up high on her thighs. He watched her sit down and pull out some thigh high boots, also covered in the same short haired black mink. The boots were platforms and raised the fur clad dominatrix up at least an additional six inches in height. She then place some matching mink gloves on her hands. To finish her ensemble, she place a beautiful four inch white fox choker around her neck and large round earrings made of the same fur were adorned form both of her earlobes.

“Come on Ollie baby, Momma’s going to take you to her office,” the fur clad dominatrix said with a sweet tone of an owner over her dog. She brought him to her office, which was more traditional in paneled wood and had ver little if any fur at all. She turned on her laptop and went to work, and for the next few hours she went to work.

Oliver listened to her calls with some very important people. Stock brokers, money managers, her attorney. Then he overheard her making an order for some fur futures. He sat there at her feet and could not believe there was such a thing. At times she would pet him and other times she would pace the room, on the phone. She raised her voice a few times.

He was getting hungry and hoped that he would eat soon. Not knowing how to ask, he waited and waited. At around two o’clock the fur clad dominatrix looked at him as if she read his mind.

“I bet your a hungry little darling, aren’t you?” she asked.
Trying to be ever so compliant in light of his situation his shook his head as if to say, “Yes.”

The day was over as far as traditional work was concerned so she walked Oliver to one of the rooms which were locked from the outside. She used a key taken from the cleavage of her huge, massive tits. Then she moved the knob and opened the door. It was a small room with only a high chair in it. One of the fur clad dominatrix’s minions was inside, with the wood tray in her hands. The room was poorly lit with a red light overhead so it was a bit hard for Oliver to see things clearly. Everything was in shades of red.

The whole thing seemed ominous to him. The highchair was padded all over and there were straps everywhere. “Why on earth did they have to make me totally immobile?” he thought to himself.

The fur clad dominatrix removed the collar from his neck and instructed Oliver to step up into the chair. He did so trepidaciously. Once inside, the minion maneuvered padded pieces from everywhere, around his chest, around his waist, around his upper and lower arms, around his hands; around his upper thighs, his lower thighs, his calves, his ankles and feet. In addition, straps were pulled together, tightened, and lock one after the other after the other. His fur masked was finally removed and his ball gag removed. It was replaced by a ring gag that forced his mouth open very, very wide. Oliver heard snaps being pressed against his head from the back , on top and the sides, even below his chin. Oliver again could not speak, but only drool like a baby. Two padded pieces snapped into place around his head and a very wide padded collar attached to the high chair was fitted around his neck. Finally, the tray was fitted back into the chair and with a ~snap~ it was locked in place.

Looking at her minion the fur clad dominatrix instructed her further, “After you have fed him make sure he is stripped down, washed, and changed for his afternoon nap. I’ll meet you in his bedroom, just send me a quick text.”

Then she drew her attention towards Oliver. “You look just perfect in that chair. Oliver your going to see that I will have total control over your life, from the mental to the physical. Here you sit in a chair, normally restricted to a baby. And, like a baby you are kept in your place as it should be. Not one muscle can move because I say that you can’t move it.” The fur clad dominatrix sighed, “Yes, Oliver you have lost all control of making decisions for yourself. That is my job now whether you like it or not.”

She made her way out and stopped at the doorway. “Eat your lunch, every bit of it. Remember, I don’t want to hear about any bad reports from my girls. Momma will make sure you go down for your nap. See you in about forty-five minutes.”

After the fur clad mistress’ departure, the two other minions arrived. One of them hit a button on the wall. Suddenly, his chair moved downward into the floor. “Uh oh, he thought, they’re not going to put me in a hole again are they?” The movement stopped and his mouth seemed to be at the same height as the minions’ crotches.

In sync with one another, they all pulled down their pants, then their panties. With a sudden movement, three huge cocks sprang up as their panties went down.

Oliver moaned aloud at the sight of what he saw. It did not take long to put two and two together and it was very clear as to why he was placed in a chair such as this one. He could not move at all, he was helpless. Oliver could only do one thing, moan aloud in fear and panic. “Ahhhhh!! Uhhhhh!! Ahhhhh!! Uhhhhh!!”

The first minion shoved her huge cock in his mouth, effectivley shutting him up with a muffled moan. His cries only made her harder. He could feel her member as it grew in his mouth, the head making its way to the back of his throat.

The other minions stood there waxing their johnsons and getting ready to feed little Oliver.

Meanwhile, the first minion began to jerk her hips and her cock moved in and out of his mouth. She rid it on his tongue and the roof of his mouth at times. When she was ready to orgasm, she moaned aloud and ejaculated a fair amount of cum in his mouth.

The other two had their chance and stuck their cocks in Oliver’s forced open mouth. They two ejaculated and deposited their sperm in his mouth. One after the other they all did it a second time then a third. In between ‘feedings’ so to speak, one of the minions would force a special brush into Oliver’s mouth and make sure he swallowed every drop of cum. At the end of it all, he was cleaned up of all of his dribble than ran from his mouth to the baby tray.

His ring gag remained on.

The minions certainly so their work well and efficiently, they gave him a shot in the arm, which was a sedative, due to put him asleep in a about 20 minutes. It also contained muscle relaxants so when he was removed from the chair, he could not put up a fight, even if he had wanted to. This allowed the minions to strip him down, remove his anal plug, put him on the toilet, get him to pee, to pass a bowel movement and then to give him a quick bath. The reinserted his anal plug at the very end.

After all of this he was placed in his special pajamas. He was dressed fully in a mink jump suit, thumbless mittens, and hood. Then he was place in a 6” thick foam rubber suit, followed by a sable mitten-less sable jump suit, followed by another 6” tick foam rubber suit, and then finished with a special black PVC suit, which did a fantastic job at compressing all of the layers. Although, he could not move a single muscle, the minions still decided to place his whole body in a canvass straight jacket / pants / hood. He was buckled to death with padlocks being clicked everywhere. Effectively mummified, Oliver was not going anywhere for a while. There were openings with zippers around his mouth, his penis, his anus, and his eyes. The eyes were unzipped and opened for now so that he could see and so was his mouth so he could breathe.

He was hoisted up and brought up to his bedroom. The room was not huge and was devoid of any traditional furniture. Oliver’s new bedroom had no windows, but as one could imagine, it was covered in deep piles of a fur. This time it was red fox fur. So fluffed up and so soft. In the middle of the room as a metal bed that was high up in the air, as if inverted. There was no box spring and no mattress. There were only metal bars and coils that connected them to the frame. There were many, many canvas straps.

Basically, Oliver was hoisted up to the bars while the other minion put the wide straps in place. When it was all done, about 90 percent of his body was held up in straps. His body was now suspended in mid air.

At this point, Oliver was feeling very groggy and soon a deep sleep would wash over him, but not before the fur clad dominatrix entering the room.

Still in her same outfit, she spoke to the minions and received their report regarding Oliver. This included his verbal thrashing regarding his resistance to his feeding. She would take care of this later.

A tube from the wall was pulled out and shoved into Oliver’s mouth. Zippers over his eyes were shut and his world went dark. Then the fur clad dominatrix spoke, “Nighty night my dear. Momma will come back to get you in a little while.

With that she flicked a pink colored switch. From the ceiling and the floor descended and rose in what looked like a box wrapped in fur. The box was actually layers of foam rubber wrapped with the same red fox fur matched to the length and width of Oliver’s bed. The two boxes met where Oliver lay suspended upside down. Pushed together with the force of hydraulics, the fur box was now in compression and looked as though it were crushing Oliver. The final movement sealed Oliver’s body completely inside.

The fur clad dominatrix turned out the lights, closed the door, and locked it behind her. As the hours wore on, Oliver just hung in a deep sleep. It wouldn’t be for another 36 hours until Oliver would wake up.

~to be continued~

The Lace will return after this short story ends...